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Visit Fathom Precision International prototype manufacturing company to witness our facilities first hand, and to learn more about our managerial approach on customer satisfaction. We're located in Dongguan of China, renowned as the World's Factory, a place where your ideas and custom prototype manufacturing become reality.

For the past decade Dongguan was under a transition from a labor intensive industrial city to a technology-intensive production hub. During this transition the population change was significant, over a staggering 20% population change, from over 10 million population to about 8 million. Despite the decrease in labor usage and appreciation of RMB, in between 2007 to 2017, the secondary industry added value had doubled from 179 billion RMB to 359.4 billion, according to official statistics. Inquiry for more OEM ODM precision machining & manufacturing direct from China fathomprecision factory


Perhaps, Dongguan is one of the pioneering model in China for the industrial transition, and Fathom Precision International had followed the drift on improving our added value by technological and managerial advancement.
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