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our prototyping service values
our prototyping service values
our prototyping service values

Our Service Value

At Fathom Precision International, our management system are built based on Our 3S Core Values. On this basis, the first alphabet of the 7 elements (Satisfaction, Expertise, Responsibility, Validation, Innovation, Commitment, and Efficiency) is our core of the SERVICE value.

Every individuals in Fathom Precision International are appraised based on the data collected throughout their everyday duties, and bonus incentives are rewarded quarterly and annually. Up to 4th quarter of 2020, our average bonus incentives rewarded to our work force were rounded to 28% of their annual salary, and we're striving to implement more valuable norms, that are beneficial to both our customers and employees.

Satisfaction - Our Customer Satisfaction Scheme are based on a concise questionnaire (delivery time, defect rate upon arrival, engineering solutions, tolerance capability, surface finishing etc.) after customer receiving their goods and services.

Expertise - Our technical and operational staff are to be tested semi-annually to ensure their technical and operational knowledge are up to date. More importantly, we support our technical management team with knowledge advancement through courses, trainings, exchange meetings with related associations.

Responsibility - Every processes and procedures are documented, and assigned to the responsible personnel. Project coordinators are required to have a progress report of the project on a daily basis on a shared storage with the customer.

Validation - From in-house to outsourced processes, we have our engineers documenting the necessary data to validate that the results will be uniform on every batch.

Innovation - An article of our Industry Competitive Research studies the innovation of technology, and knowledge of our engineering and facilities, such reflection is also applied on our unsuccessful project proposal to evaluate our competency.

Commitment - Our commitment to strive for zero defect upon arrival, early delivery than promised date, greater processing capability, reciprocal pricing, is our pledge for more than acceptance.

Efficiency - Our workshop is operating at 24/7, our sales department at 18 hours a day. Ultimately, we are striving for a non-sunset business hours. More than so, each processes had designed standards, on time, material wastage, defect, and more. Such norm motivate operators to increase efficiency for bonus incentives.

*Each elements of the SERVICE value has documented data with relevant norms, and they are inseparable with the individuals performance appraisal.    

our prototyping service security system

Our Security System

We are fully aware the importance of the design security, thus enforcing our NDA with our customer is on the top priority.

  • Production and storage of all parts produced are completed in one of our secure designated facilities.

  • File/data encrypted to designated personnel & devices.

  • Enterprise grade routers, firewalls, anti-virus, anti-malware.

  • All email, chat, conference, phone communication are protected with SSL/TLS encryption.

  • Limited physical access to production equipment.

  • Limited access to file/data/storage.

  • Restricted access to storage and shipping area.

our rapid prototyping swiftness value

Our Swiftness Value

Time is a key factor on market acquirement, thus delivering before scheduled date is our striving goal on every project. On 4th quarter of 2020, merely 2 cases had been rescheduled within 7 days of intended time, and approximately 38% of our projects were delivered before scheduled date.

  • Daily meetings from project team to follow up on every projects' progress with written reports.

  • Each projects are assigned to individual project engineers.

  • Reliable parcel express from DHL, FedEx.

  • Inspection between each processing to confirm on schedule.

  • Flexible production scheduling system to adjust for project urgency.

  • Reliable suppliers of years of partnership.

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