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Fathom Precision prototype manufacturing company, being in the industry for more than 20 years had satisfied industrial needs across various sectors. From tight requirement of specification and material of aerospace industry, fine surface finish of scale models, and to cost sensitive consumer commodities. Our years of expertise had endowed us with full understanding of each industry's standards.

We had witnessed the changes of industries, and commonly they are inclined to adapt a shortened development cycle. Whether it is technological based industry or leisure based industry, markets respond quickly to new ideas and quality. It is not uncommon for an enterprise to shine over night with a thoroughly thought product with a fine quality, and that is our contribution of expertise.

* All the parts and products we produced are limited to the mechanical parts only *

In the aerospace industry, prototyping solutions are used to create and test parts and systems before they are used in aircraft and spacecraft. This can include everything from small components to full-scale models of entire vehicles. Prototyping allows for rigorous testing and refinement of designs, ensuring safety and efficiency.
In the medical field, prototyping is used in the development of new medical devices, prosthetics, and even organ models. It allows for rapid iteration and testing, ensuring that the final product is safe and effective for patient use. It also enables personalized medicine, with prototypes of implants and prosthetics tailored to individual patients.
The automotive industry uses prototyping solutions in the design and testing of new vehicles. This can include creating scale models for wind tunnel testing, or full-size prototypes for crash testing. Prototyping allows for the refinement of designs, improving fuel efficiency, safety, and aesthetics.
Scale Model
Scale model prototyping is used in a variety of fields, including architecture, product design, and entertainment. It allows designers to visualize and test their designs in three dimensions, making it easier to spot potential issues and make adjustments.
In the consumer goods industry, prototyping is used to develop and test new products before they go to market. This can include everything from electronics to furniture to toys. Prototyping allows for the refinement of designs, ensuring that the final product is functional, attractive, and meets the needs of consumers.
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