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Rapid Prototyping Services
  • In this new era, shortening the stage of NPD is more than a budget and cost issue, an accelerated product launch is a key factor for the rapid prototyping services. Fathom Precision prototype manufacturing services company has a wide range of fabrication processes that will fulfill different specifications of precision prototyping machining services designs. Our rapid mechanical prototyping services can deliver the work pieces as quick as 7 days, which are polished, fully functional, and ready to launch.

  • With more than 20 years in the rapid manufacturing service industry, Fathom Precision prototyping services company has evolve with the rapid machining services market needs. We understand that the traditional elongated tooling time is a risk and a shortcoming for products. Our rapid and precision prototyping manufacturing can expedite the tooling time as quick as 2 weeks and across different types of molds such as casting, injection, compression, stamping, forming, and etc.

  • Our turnkey production is more than just precision prototyping machines and rapid prototyping devices, our strategic value lay upon on our engineering analysis to ensure our mass precision prototyping machining is executed smoothly. Our  precision prototyping services includes mold flow analysis, material analysis, parts to print dimensional analysis, lab test, 2/3D rendering, and more.

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* Statistics are relevant based on the data collected from the Industry Competitive Research conducted by Fathom Precision International LTD in 2020.